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Why Busy Professionals Love Their "Total Comfort" Footrest!
  • Keeps Your Feet Comfy & Warm: Designed to raise your feet off the ground, so they're comfy & warm even when you're without socks on!  
  • Increased Support For Your Back: Increases the support for your back and upper body, resulting in fewer aches, pains, and soreness from long hours of sitting! 
  • Fits The Soles Of Your Feet: Features a unique slope design and is made out of high-quality memory foam, so it naturally "engulfs" your soles and feet into a warm and comfy hug! 
  • Great For A Home Office Space: Comes in at just about 15.75x7.87x3.94-inches in size, so it's perfect for any home office space - and for busy professionals! 
  • 100% No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee: If the "Total Comfort" Footrest isn't everything you're hoping for, just send it back within 60-Days for a FULL refund!
What Busy Professionals Are Saying About Their "Total Comfort" Footrest
"I knew I needed something under my feet. It's been about a week now since I started using it, and I don't think I could have made a better decision. It's super comfy!" 

"I got this for my work from home set-up. The footrest is made of a nice soft fabric on the outside, and the inner foam piece is soft enough for just enough give when you rest your feet on it but provides all the support you need." 

"Works great when you're barefoot, with socks on, or with shoes/slippers! The slanted shape is also way better than most footrests on the market! I love it! 5/5 Stars!" 

Even better, it comes with a 60-Day money-back guarantee! 

That's why any interested Busy Professional should click or tap the button at the bottom of the page and let us know where to send your "Total Comfort" Footrest TODAY!
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